Press Release

Press Release

Press Release

Sioux Falls SD—1/15/2024— John Chisham, former Senior Director at gpac, has officially announced his departure from gpac to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey. After six and a half years of dedicated service and repeated production and culture awards, John Chisham has decided to channel all of his expertise and vision into Solid Rock Recruiting LLC

John Chisham Enterprises, LLC has operated as a small side business since 2013. With a commitment to helping business owners “10X” their business, John Chisham aims to help business owners grow through coaching and consulting services that aim to grow the business owner while increasing the top and bottom line for their business. Solid Rock Recruiting LLC will add recruiting to an already great business model.

Commenting on this significant transition, John Chisham expressed their gratitude for the experiences gained at gpac, stating, "gpac is a great team, and my time with them has been awesome. I will forever be grateful for the lessons I have learned and the friendships I have made while there."

"Solid Rock Recruiting represents an exciting opportunity to add recruiting to my current services that include fee-based consulting on marketing, employee retention, team building, management development, and sales training. I will also be helping individuals market themselves through resume and LinkedIn profile development” Chisham added.

Solid Rock Recruiting invites business owners and professionals alike to join them on this new venture, promising innovative solutions, quality service, and a commitment to partnering with companies and professionals to build mutually beneficial relationships that promote growth.

For more information or inquiries about Solid Rock Recruiting, please contact John Chisham at 605.502.1385 or [email protected] or [email protected]

About John Chisham:

John Chisham has been the #1 drywall recruiter in the USA with gpac. With 6+ years of experience specific to recruiting and 20+ years in sales, marketing, team building, and business growth, John Chisham brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for business and personal growth.

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John Chisham

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